Building the AP Program Keeps Us Busy!

I have not added a new post to my blog in quite some time and I feel bad about that, but I am sure readers understand how busy teaching can keep a person!  I also don’t have much new to report.  Having kept up this blog for several years, I have written about most of the activities that we do to build and maintain an inclusive and supportive AP program.  Right now, Mr. G, our new AP Advocate, and I are busy getting ready for our annual AP Scholar breakfast that I first wrote about on January 11, 2010.  We are hoping for a great turnout this year and are looking forward to seeing our graduates and hearing how AP has helped them make a successful transition to college.  We also have our PSAT results and are getting ready to use those.  See my post from January 4, 2010 to learn more about that.

Since it is the beginning of a new year, you might want to check out New Year’s AP Resolution from December 31, 2010 or A Mid Year Assessment of Your AP Program (December 12, 2011) or My To-Do List for Improving Our AP Program (January 3, 2012).

I hope the new year finds you with a new resolve to help more students reap the benefits of the AP program.  Perhaps some of what I have written will be helpful to you.  I have a new post planned for later this month, but would love to hear from my readers some suggestions for topics or issues that I might be able to address.  Enjoy some of these older posts, but let me know what new things I should write about.  I really hope to hear from you!  Have a wonderful 2013!


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