Introducing: Our New AP Advocate

Long time readers of my blog will know that I have filled a dual role in my school district for a number of years.  I am the math content lead for the district, working with math teachers in grades 6-12 at three high schools and five middle schools to build our AP math classes, and also the AP advocate for my own campus, working with administrators, teachers and students to improve participation, performance and diversity in all of our AP courses and to support other measures of academic excellence.  I have enjoyed both roles, but strongly believe that the more leaders we can develop, the better our program will be.  So, I sought out someone to take over the AP advocate position and found the perfect candidate in Mr. G, our AP English Literature teacher.  Mr. G is young and energetic and has had great success in his AP teaching over the last few years.  For this year, we are doing the job together so that the transition will be a smooth one, but within one or two years, I fully expect that he will no longer need my advice or assistance.

Throughout this year, I will put up posts describing the things we are working on so that you get a better understanding of the work that we do in trying to build a very inclusive and successful AP program.  I will also refer back to previous posts that might be of interest to my readers.  As always, please feel free to suggest topics or to ask questions that I might be able to address in a future post.

We are now three weeks into our school year.  Mr. G and I are already planning our AP Scholar breakfast which will take place on January 11.  To learn more about this event, look at my post from January 2010.  Last week we also held our first meeting of our AP Ambassadors’ group, a student organization that we sponsor to serve as the “face” of our AP program and to help us recruit traditionally under-represented students.  More details about that group are available in a September 2009 blog post.  We had a great turnout of seniors, but definitely need to recruit juniors for our next meeting.  We are also waiting to get more information on which students will be recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program.  We will be hosting a surprise breakfast and celebration for those students and their parents in early October so that our current juniors will better understand the importance of doing well on the October 17 PSAT.  In order to make sure that we have a large group of students to recognize next year, Mr. G and I are planning some special tutorials for kids who scored well on the PSAT as sophomore last year.  For the next four Wednesdays, he and I will take turns working with those students.  For more information on how we use our PSAT results, check out the blog post from January 2010.

As you can see, Mr. G and I are busy doing all of this in addition to our full-time teaching responsibilities and the other activities that we sponsor while also trying to make time for our families and our own children.  I want to state publicly how fortunate I feel to have someone of Mr. G’s passion and commitment to share the hard work of building our AP program.  I know many of my readers are also working hard to accomplish the same thing so I want to challenge you to find someone else on your campus with whom you can share the workload.  Having two people more than doubles the possibilities as each person offers their unique perspective and skills to the endeavor.


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